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Oil Paintings

Three bodies of original oil paintings.  
Please Be Civil


​​An overwhelming array of images that are fragmented reports of past and present global events.  The paintings focus on international affairs relating to instability, upheaval and power.  Though years and even decades apart, the images of dictators, revolutions, and prisoners are painted over current newspaper articles. 


Recurring events and their repercussions are an on-going theme.  Historical, sometimes iconic, scenes and their relationships to current events become evident when the images are juxtaposed over recent pages from the New York Times.  Each panel is the size of an opened newspaper page, which is familiar, yet diminished, by repetition. 


History.  Today.  Same as it ever was. 

Bearing Witness from Afar

These paintings are depictions of American soldiers appropriated from news feeds, military websites and personal photographs from friends and family involved in the conflicts.


These sources reveal images in which the war is exposed in fragments.  Singular isolated moments combine to express a spectrum of experiences.  Common hardships and the sacrifices that they endure.


The work uses this collection of fragmented images taken out of context in order to re-contextualize them with soldiers' personal stories and statements.

Belief Beyond Evidence

A representation of the doubts associated with exploring the tradition of painting, in a predominantly technological era.  


Belief beyond evidence tackles themes of duality (hope/fear, good/evil) and the forces of human nature.  The figures are shrouded and veiled, unaware of the barren and ominous world that they occupy.  Largly oblivious to the purpose of their existence they labor over ideologies, politics, power and monetary gain. 


R.S. Meincke

Fine Art
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